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We reviewed PES 2018

We reviewed PES 2018

The PES franchise has been trying to come back to the forefront of football games and last year's game was close to take the lead in many respects. After winning the award for best sport game in Cologne, PES 2018 is back and we're about to tell you if the former king truly has returned.
Note from Driftwood: This year, to review PES 2018 properly, we called someone to our rescue, someone who's been playing both FIFA and PES for the past few years. Piteur_Parcoeur is a French member on Gamersyde and he's been able to play this year's edition of PES for more than 25 hours before giving his verdict.


Overall, PES 2018 is a total success, provided you can forgive its usual shortcomings when it comes to licensing and sound. Beautiful, superbly animated, with what we could call golden gameplay mechanics, Konami's game does not need to prove itself on the pitch anymore. The sensations are so great it would be a shame for any football fan to miss this year's episode. PES 2018 is clearly a new turn in the saga, an opus capable of conquering the hearts of players, a title which should really played seriously before making up one's mind on this year's chosen one. Obviously, the absence of real names and jerseys for many big teams is still a serious issue, one that PS4 and PC players can solve thanks to the fans' free updates on the internet (Xbox owners cannot do the same though), but at the end of the day, what's important is how a game is played. This is clearly something PES has nailed like a pro this year and we can't wait for people to see for themselves.
On the plus side

+ Splendid visually
+ Crazy work on the animations
+ Rich and deep gameplay
+ AI does a great job
+ Photo-realistic players
+ Player ID is great
+ Extraordinary ball physics
+ Take PES at its best on PS2 with today's quality standards
+ A real PC version at last

On the downside

- Licensing is still a major issue
- Sound design in general is still behind
- Goal keepers can be inconsistant

PSG vs AC Milan (PS4 Pro)
Stream available soon
Download: MP4 HD
Athletico vs Sporting (PC/Pro Difficulty)
Inter Milan vs Liverpool (PC/Regular Difficulty)
Italy vs Portugal (PC/Pro Difficulty)
Athletico vs Chelsea (PC/Pro Difficulty)
PSG vs AC Milan #2 (PS4 Pro)
PSG vs AC Milan #3 (PS4 Pro)
Highlights (PS4 Pro)

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Commented on 2017-09-11 10:33:54
Special Thanks. Good luck.
Commented on 2017-09-11 11:35:16
I only watched 1 vid so far but the ball looks heavy and player animations are just as robotic as before not to mention the dead faces. Seems that football games are still behind
Commented on 2017-09-11 12:08:23
Gameplay is good but the lighting for sunny matches is horrible and it's if your playing on a bowling green instead of a football pitch, Day/Rain & Cloudy matches look great though. Night matches ok but they have that bowling green effect as well.
Commented on 2017-09-11 12:10:37 In reply to unknownuser0001
Posted by mbalazs
I only watched 1 vid so far but the ball looks heavy and player animations are just as robotic as before not to mention the dead faces. Seems that football games are still behind
Play the demo, The ball physics are very good for the most part (finesse shots still have issues) and player faces for alot of players are incredible (miles ahead of Fifa faces) obvs not all players can get the same treatment.
Commented on 2017-09-11 12:31:48 In reply to Xoar
Just watched the other vids, somehow the ball only looks that heavy on the Inter video. But like you said, I need to try myself both games to decide but so far neither looks good enough to buy it. Buying PES at day 1 or early not worth it, after several weeks when everything is modded then yes but not at full price
Commented on 2017-09-13 13:36:11
After hammering the Fifa demo it's actually scary just how much better PES is on the pitch this year!
Commented on 2017-09-13 19:03:57 In reply to Xoar
Posted by Xoar
After hammering the Fifa demo it's actually scary just how much better PES is on the pitch this year!
I wasn't too impressed with the PES demo, although the final game with the day 1 patch is supposed to have corrected a few of the issues I had with it. Still needs some work done to shooting and AI closing down the space positionally for it to be where it needs to be at, though. It could get there eventually. Hopefully.

As for Fifa, yeah, 1 minute of watching it play is enough for me to tell that nothing has changed in that thing since 2012. It'll still outsell PES by about 50-1.

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