GSY PREVIEW | PC, PS4, Xbox One Monday, February 4, 2019 | 6:00 PM

GSY Preview: The Division 2

GSY Preview: The Division 2

While the private beta of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is getting closer, Ubisoft invited us to discover its content in advance last week. We didn't come back empty handed as we brought you back some footage of the game on Xbox One X. Keep in mind that what you'll see here is not final.

Xbox One X - Preview Gameplay 1
Xbox One X - Preview Gameplay 2
Xbox One X - Preview Gameplay 3
Xbox One X - Preview Gameplay 4
Xbox One X - Preview Gameplay 5
Xbox One X - Preview Gameplay 6
Xbox One X - Preview Endgame 1
Xbox One X - Preview Endgame 2

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Commented on 2019-02-05 04:30:12
Looks ok, but not putting down $$ until full reviews
Commented on 2019-02-05 13:44:20
Don't know, looks like a "videogame" in the most common sense.
I mean, it's a bit the template of the "videogame" stereotype you could see in the background in movies, or (I guess) in the mind of a non-player person.

Pretty grey, you run, shoot things with a machine gun, some military people. Looks like a focus-group game to me.
Commented on 2019-02-07 01:58:26
I've never played any of the division games, but compared to the trailers of the first game this looks absolutely terrible.
Commented on 2019-02-07 07:46:40
Aside from the resolution it looks like a 10 year old game. Is it just me or does it look worse than the first game? But it's not done yet, right? Maybe the last thing they will do before release is apply the makeup.

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