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Devil May Cry HD announced

Devil May Cry HD announced

Capcom has announced Devil May Cry HD Collection, the trilogy pack will be out early 2012 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. First screenshots inside.


Collection Brings Together Remastered Versions of Three Original Devil May Cry® Titles in Celebration of 10 Year Anniversary

London, UK. — Oct. 17, 2011 — Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced Devil May Cry™ HD Collection for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft® and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. Devil May Cry™ HD Collection brings the first three original Devil May Cry® titles; Devil May Cry™, Devil May Cry™2, and Devil May Cry™ 3: Dante’s Awakening Special Edition together in one high definition package for the first time. The collection will be available early 2012 in Europe and North America.

Devil May Cry is one of Capcom’s most successful and critically acclaimed franchises, having sold more than 10 million units worldwide. Featuring Dante, one of the most iconic video game characters of the last decade, Devil May Cry HD Collection will be full of the award-winning gameplay and style that the series has become known for with the addition of stunning HD graphics, bonus content and support for Trophies and Achievements.

Debuting in 2001, Devil May Cry immediately redefined the action genre, achieving a metacritic of 94. The title captured gamers’ hearts through its stylish, over-the-top action and bad boy anti-hero Dante. Son to a human mother and a devil father named Sparda, the half-demon Dante uses his innate abilities and the powers of ancient demons to fight a one-man war against the forces of darkness and save humanity from damnation.

The follow up to Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2 centres on Dante and his new devilishly agile partner Lucia in their fight to defeat a horde of evil and a man hell-bent on achieving supreme power. Devil May Cry 2 released in 2003 and was praised for its variety of environments, additional playable character, new ideas and updated control scheme.

Released in 2006, Devil May Cry™ 3: Dante’s Awakening Special Edition is the definitive edition of Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening, featuring a number of enhancements, including the opportunity to play as Dante’s twin brother, Vergil, as well as the addition of Bloody Palace Mode and Turbo Mode.

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Commented on 2011-10-17 18:44:06
Not buying unless they add a Legendary Dark Knight difficulty for ALL three games.
Commented on 2011-10-17 18:52:26
YES! Oh I am very happy now.
Commented on 2011-10-17 19:06:16
No effort = no money from me.
Commented on 2011-10-17 19:12:47
Ports, ports, ports and more ports :(
Commented on 2011-10-17 19:13:20
Remade them using MT Framework, Capcom add 2-3 new missions and we have a deal!
Commented on 2011-10-17 19:19:27
I'll better get these games in one package than DmC. No matter I still have the originals for PS2.
Commented on 2011-10-17 19:39:20
Pretty sure I could get same effect and even with AA by using pcsx2 PS2 emulator on PC...
Commented on 2011-10-17 20:01:06
another lazy-ass remake, no thanks Capcom - you can keep it.
Commented on 2011-10-17 20:18:41
: / no sure about devs and production houses cashing in on hd remakes of last gen titles anymore ... I don't mind titles like ico etc but dmc ... really? how about Onimusha! :D lolz
Commented on 2011-10-17 20:23:44 In reply to deafwing
Posted by deafwing
how about Onimusha! :D lolz
That is the next collection from Capcom. Expect announcement - ''Onimusha 5 - only if HD collection sells well''. :P
Commented on 2011-10-17 20:24:50
holy shit, you telling me that HD Classics crap is licensed seal? how desperately pathetic.
Commented on 2011-10-17 20:32:05
Great! Love those HD ugrades. Keep them coming.
Commented on 2011-10-17 20:33:10
I'm really tired of this 'remastered' thing now. It's a higher resolution frame buffer, that's it. The assets are identical.
The only game which could actually merit the 'remastered' tag is Halo. Everything else is just a quick, lazy port.
Commented on 2011-10-17 21:32:02
Not a series i'm interested in tbh. After strangers wrath i think i'm done with these HD versions of old games....well, unless they do a hitman, jak or ratchet collection. Then i'll bite.
Commented on 2011-10-17 22:10:02
Great \m/
Commented on 2011-10-17 22:20:41
I will never buy a HD versions of games, I have a lot to play now for wanting to play those games that I played decades ago.
Commented on 2011-10-18 00:12:01
I look forward to a future of nothing but remakes.
Commented on 2011-10-18 01:56:41 In reply to moroboshi
Posted by moroboshi
I'm really tired of this 'remastered' thing now. It's a higher resolution frame buffer, that's it. The assets are identical.
The only game which could actually merit the 'remastered' tag is Halo. Everything else is just a quick, lazy port.
Dude, halo is celebrating 10 year anniversary and was a game that sold over 4 million copies. Back in the day not even these DMC games could reach that number combined and then there was Halo 2... going over 4 million in 24 hours... plus Microsoft no longer has Bungie, Microsoft is filthy rich and they need to desperatly prove that 343 Industries can make a game, thats why they are doing that remake.

And btw back when Xbox 1 came out Microsoft was boasting how the console could do 1080 resolution despite the facts of shipping games, you can look for old magazines like EGM, and Next Gen for that info.

Anyways the people apparently are asking for sequels but due to the economy and the fact that games actually cost money to make AND that there are a bunch of hacker pirates out there ruining console gaming these smaller companies like Capcom have a right to be nervous investing too much money on a game, just look at Sega, they seem to have shifted to DLC only for their remakes of old games. Its these hacker/pirates ruining gaming for the rest of us.
Commented on 2011-10-18 03:16:14
Yeah I'm sick of people mentioning Halo Anniversary. Its not the same thing.
Commented on 2011-10-18 03:59:20
PLEASE !!!! make the pre render movies HD !!! not just upscale !!! that is awful
Commented on 2011-10-18 11:32:48
Yeah more effortless remakes !!!!!!!!!!!!
Commented on 2011-10-18 15:53:12 In reply to synce
Posted by hotkirby
Yeah more effortless remakes !!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by synce
I look forward to a future of nothing but remakes.
ha! it seems to be a love hate thing
Commented on 2011-10-18 15:53:39
I wish I could have all the "lazy" ports I want from psx games I love, which I will probably never play again simply because they look terrible on a big screen.
It would be great if companies like Capcom made a bigger effort with these ports but still, it's a great way to enjoy them again.
Even if it's only more resolution and 16/9 mode, I think they're really worth it and ICO/SOTC is a perfect example.
On the other hand, no one is forced to buying them so everybody should be happy.
Commented on 2011-10-18 20:05:27
I think HD remake is for those who never played or fans of the series so it is ok.
Commented on 2011-10-18 20:18:17
I like HD remastered games. If done properly it can look really good. GOW PSP games were done really well. 3 game for 40$ is a pretty good deal or individual games seperately.
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