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Mirillis Action! is back for Christmas

Mirillis Action! is back for Christmas

Just like last year, the team behind Mirillis Action! was kind enough to send us a batch of activation keys for their capture software, the very same one we often use ourselves when we have to record some PC gameplay footage. We have no less than 10 keys to offer and all you have to do is post your best screenshot or video in the comments. Needless to say it has to be your own creation. You have until December 24 midnight (CET) to participate, then we will vote and decide who the 10 lucky-few will be. Good luck!
Update: You have just a bit more than 24 hours to participate.

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Commented on 2018-12-17 09:35:55
Here is one of my favorite screenshot I took during the very beginning of Assassin's Creed Origin, using its own photo mode.

Many thanks to gamersyde for this great opportunity and for years of high quality contents.
Commented on 2018-12-17 10:05:17
Legendary Ships were one the things I really liked about Black Flag and these two were being a pain in the neck because I decided to fight them early in the game. good old days
Commented on 2018-12-17 16:35:57
Just a couple i've made over time on PS4 and PC:

Star Citizen:
Horizon: Zero Dawn:
Mass Effect Andromeda:

and although its not in the finest of quality, using an Oculus Rift in Assetto Corsa for the first time in an F1 car just felt absolutely amazing:

Star Citizen is literally screenshot simulator heaven, every view seems to be background-worthy.
Commented on 2018-12-17 19:24:58
Kingdom Come: Deliverance is generally a good-looking game and sometimes stunning. The visual style is right up my alley.
Commented on 2018-12-19 00:37:02
A friend of mine were playing Divinity 1 Enhanced edition.
He threw a grenade in a pool of acid where some bomb skeletons were in,in which it caused a chain reaction explosion and ended up killing me by accident.

If that link don't work try this one.

It's only 13 second video That I recorded in out game session.
Commented on 2018-12-19 07:05:58
I'm not sure if screenshots taken from consoles are eligible to participate, but this one taken from Uncharted: Lost Legacy was my personal favorite around 2018.

Commented on 2018-12-19 08:54:52 In reply to DarklightG
Sure they are. :)
Commented on 2018-12-20 21:35:03
Here's mine, an album featuring screenshots from the Witcher
Commented on 2018-12-22 23:23:07 In reply to bauer24
Posted by bauer24
Here's mine, an album featuring screenshots from the Witcher
Forgot to also include my Youtube clip:
Commented on 2018-12-23 10:01:03
Thanks a lot for this great giveaway.
Here is my best screenshot from Assassin's Creed Origins:
Commented on 2018-12-23 22:53:48
Here's mine - from rather surprise game - Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.

And one moody from Mafia III:

Thx for the contest and Merry Christmas everyone! =))
Commented on 2018-12-24 03:11:37
I will give you the Unravel apple-bridge
Commented on 2018-12-24 10:00:36
This is taken from Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Commented on 2018-12-24 12:00:24
thank you Gamersyde for not desisting from your efforts to make this website the best gaming hub for everyone

here are mine:

one from Shadow of the Colossus:

and a few shots from RDR2:

and some from Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice:
Commented on 2018-12-24 14:32:22
God Of War :
Commented on 2018-12-24 16:42:41
well, here's my pic from ac:origins
and thank you gamersyde for being always amazing

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